Thanks to my brother, Brian, and his successful Polar Plunge fund-raising efforts enough money was raised—and we are ever grateful for the love, support, and generosity of so many that donated because now Addy’s Oasis is a reality. Living in the valley for so many years, we are blessed to know many talented landscapers, architects, designers and handy people to support and drive this initiative, and ensure we acquire the right “fun yet therapeutic” things for Addy so she can enjoy them now and in the future.

ADDY’S OASIS is now a yard of smooth pathways and ramps where her walker doesn’t get stuck in the grass or mud, fun and interactive stations where she can reach and touch in the safety of her walker without falling. Addy can now enjoy her yard in a safe and therapeutically supportive haven to play with her friends, and to grow and nurture her love of the outdoors.

To watch an entire community come together for one extraordinary child is a win-win proposition.


Thank you to all who helped Addy's Oasis become a reality. We experienced an entire community coming together for one extraordinary child. Watching her cruise through her new yard, down pathways and ramps and of course playing in the hot tub is indescribable.

Thanks to ALL for donating.

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